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the average age of a child targeted for child Sex Trafficking is 8 years old?

How old is your child?


Parents and Teachers have you heard .....

AB 1227 - Mandates Child Sex-Trafficking Awareness Education for Teachers and school personal and STUDENTS 

Easy, convenient and quick way to get into compliance: 

All your employees take the same course, have the same certification

You can take on a computer, iPad or phone

Employees can become in compliance in less than an hour

Participants and employers  will both receive a certificate of completion

Purchasing options are designed to work with few or many - depending how many employees you have

All school employees can be training in a matter of hours!

Be informed ....

so you can protect and educate your children

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Key mandated topics offered in this course

The course is 6 lessons covering the mandated topics from the SB-970 bill for Human Trafficking Awareness Training.

The following topics are included in this training:

The definition of human trafficking and commercial exploitation for children and the difference between labor and sex trafficking

Identifying victims and those at risk. Who are vulnerable and at-risk to this? How do I spot the indicators and warning signs?

Myths and misconceptions of sex trafficking

Identifying the demands and risks of trafficking. Factors that allow trafficking to thrive

The role of hospitality employees in reporting and responding to this issue

Identifying what can we do?    Including resource and contact information of appropriate agencies and resources for immediate use.

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Parents, Teachers and Administrators

I want to be able to provide these course opportunities to help raise awareness and to get our schools in compliance.
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Dr. Judy Osterhage has a level of expertise unparalleled in our community, and she knows how to teach, train, and bring others along into awareness and action on behalf of our most vulnerable members of our society.  - Alice

Aside from her life changing parenting work, Judy is also a human sex trafficking educator, instructor, advocate and a powerful voice in raising awareness. - Jim

Dr. Judy – Human - Trafficking Awareness and Prevention Education
Hospitality and Transportation Industry – Airport, Train Stations, Vacation Rentals and Employment and Teacher and Parent: Human Trafficking Awareness Education
Doctorate: Social Justice and Educational Leadership for Change
Research specialization - Childhood trauma 
Recognized in California as a Statewide Trainer and Educator for Commercially Sexually Exploited Children (CSEC) – Trafficking Awareness
Dr. Judy is also working with vulnerable and at-risk youth and for over 25 years.
Currently working with trafficked survivors
Additionally she is a spokes person for HOPE REFUGE
Check out one of her interviews on sex-trafficking - Blog Talk Radio - interview on Trafficking

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