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Ride share services and private hire transportation play an important part in helping expose Child trafficking.

Human Trafficking Awareness on-line Training

Private Transportation Drivers – Taxi, Uber, Lyft, and Limos


Traffickers often use private transport to stay out of public and be less conspicuous!


should I or my employees take this course?

It is to protect your 


should I or my employees take this course?

Protect your license and livelihood. 


if I or my employees do not take this course?

Employees must be trained! 

Be in compliance - Avoid the penalties and liabilities!

And be part of the solution again Trafficking!


  • Trafficking happens worldwide and 23% of trafficking happens in the United States
  • 2 out of 3 children who are trafficked are young girls - Boys are also trafficked
  • The average age targeted of a victim is between 11 - 14 years old 
  • The Internet lures in many of the young children - through a false relationship
  • Many traffickers know or are related to their victims
  • Education and awareness is the best first step in being part of the solution!
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Where to start?

Take these easy Steps to help protect yourself, your property and the children!


  • Take the on-line Ride Share, Uber, Taxi, and LimoTrafficking Awareness Education Course
  • Easy and convient - (any devise - compter or phone)
  • Take the prevention steps to protect traffickers from targeting your business
  • Be aware of the signs and indicators
  • Look for the Red Flags of traffickers wanting to be transported by your vehicle 
  • It will take less than an hour to be in compliance!
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What would you do if this was a child you love and they were related to you .....

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Dr. Judy - Sex Trafficking Awareness facilitator and Trainer Vacation Rentals Trafficking Awareness and Prevention EducationHospitality and Transportation Industry - Employment and Teacher and Parent: Human Trafficking Awareness EducationDoctorate: Social Justice and Educational Leadership for Change
Research specialization - Childhood trauma Recognized in California as a Statewide Commercially Sexually Exploited Children (CSEC) Sex Trafficking Awareness Facilitator and Trainer and course creator

On-line course developer Human Trafficking Awareness Education:Vacation Rentals, Hotels and transportation industryThese are mandated trainings!

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Dr. Judy Osterhage is a spokesperson for HOPE Refuge

Hope Refuge is a safe transitional residential home and  is dedicated to seeing that every sex trafficking survivor has a place of refuge where they can transition from slavery to freedom.


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The National Human Trafficking Hotline


or Text "BeFree" to BEFREE (233733)